CONICYT Anillo ACT 88: Mathematical modeling for Industrial and Management Science Applications

AM2V Members: Adriana Piazza
Start Date: 04-01-2010 - End Date: 03-30-2013
Status: in progress

Given the rapid advances in science and technology the capability to understand, model and solve complex problems has become an issue of critical relevance for the industrial and management sciences. The areas where complex problems arise are numerous and diverse: Telecommunications, natural resource and environmental management, gene interactions, cellular metabolism, production planning, economics, the worldwide web and the social sciences are but a few examples. For most of these complex problems, the traditional reductionist approaches and single-discipline strategies are dramatically insufficient. Instead, it is crucial to adopt an interdisciplinary approach, where a complex problem is studied from several different points of view and, at the same time, using a common basic language.

In this proposal we adopt this point of view: we bring together a team of outstanding researchers (individually successful team members), each with a distinct domain expertise (multidisciplinarity), sharing a common background (a common language) in applied mathematical modeling.

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