DYMECOS (Chilean associate team INRIA to EPI-MERE): Modeling, analysis and simulation of microbial ecosystems and natural resources

AM2V Members: Pedro Gajardo, Juan Peypouquet, Adriana Piazza
Start Date: 03-01-2010 - End Date: 12-31-2012
Status: in progress

INRIA's Associate Teams programme is intended to promote and develop the Institute’s international collaborations with high-level research teams throughout the world, in line with INRIA's international strategy.

As one of INRIA's international scientific policy tools, the Associate Teams programme provides valuable incentive to upgrade relationships with targeted institutions, and promotes INRIA's presence in other country's scientific environment.

The Associate Teams programme entails the provision of long-term financial support enabling researchers from both sides to visit their partners on a regular basis, create exchange programmes for students and post-doctorate fellows, jointly organise workshops and conferences. The overall aim is to encourage joint scientific projects and publications which would benefit from the complementarities and synergies of the involved researchers.

This programme thus paves the way for INRIA project-teams to create a strong scientific synergy and a common experience with foreign teams. It specifically encourages the mobility of students and young researchers.

The Associate Team DYMECOS: Modeling, analysis and simulation of microbial ecosystems and natural resources, is associated with the EPI MERE of INRIA and it is led by Alain Rapaport (MERE) and Héctor Ramirez (CMM - U. Chile).

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