STIC-AmSud OVIMINE: Optimization and Viability in Mining

AM2V Members: Pedro Gajardo, Juan Peypouquet
Start Date: 01-03-2011 - End Date: 12-31-2012
Status: in progress

The value of a mine is related to the capacity to plan its exploitation. This collides with numerical difficulties due to the large size of these management problems of and to their complexity (investment, exploitation, uncertainties, etc.). Numerous heuristics already exists, in particular in operational research. Less wide-spread are methods of resolution resulting from optimal control and from functional analysis.

In association with specialists of mining, we intend to analyze these problems with methods stemming from the theory of control under constraints (viability), and to make the link with methods of optimal control and of operational research. These constraints can model economic stakes (minimal production) and environmental issues (maximal pollution tolerated over a period).

On the other hand, we wish to characterize in a qualitative way profiles of extraction by methods resulting from continuous and discrete mathematics.

The stake in the development of methods is to implement algorithms in the form of software tools, and to validate them on real study cases. This is allowed by the participation of mining companies either directly (Peru), or by means of mixed research centers industry-university (Delphos Chile).

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