Adriana Piazza

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Phone     (56 2) 4326608
Office     A 054 (Campus Santiago, San Joaquín)
Research area     Optimization and Variational Analysis
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Adriana Piazza
  1. Piazza A, Pagnoncelli B. K. The stochastic Mitra-Wan forestry model: risk neutral and risk averse cases. Jornal of Economics 2015;115:175-194.  [Digital version]  [Bibtex]
  2. Piazza A, Roy S. Deforestation and optimal management. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control 2015;53:15-27.  [Digital version]  [Bibtex]
  3. Piazza A, Pagnoncelli B. K. The optimal harvesting problem under price uncertainty. Annals of Operations Research 2014;217(1):425-445.  [Digital version]  [Bibtex]
  4. Piazza A, Khan M. A. On the Mitra-Wan Forestry Model: A Unified Analysis. Journal of Economic Theory 2012;147(1):230-260. [Bibtex]
  5. Piazza A, Khan M. A. Optimal Cyclicity and Chaos in the 2-Sector RSS Model: An Anything-Goes Construction. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 2011;80(3):397-417. [Bibtex]
  1. Conicyt REDES: AM2V-MODEMAT network on optimization and control
  2. FONDECYT 1140720: Deterministic and stochastic models in discrete time: some applications to exploitation of natural resources and general equilibrium theory.
  3. CONICYT Anillo ACT 88: Mathematical modeling for Industrial and Management Science Applications
  4. DYMECOS (Chilean associate team INRIA to EPI-MERE): Modeling, analysis and simulation of microbial ecosystems and natural resources
  5. Fondecyt Nro. 11090254: Discrete time dynamical systems in the theory of Optimal Economic Growth, Environmental Economics and Management of Renewable Resources
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