Luis Briceño

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Phone     (56 2) 432 6662
Office     A 061 (Campus San Joaquín, Santiago)
Research area     Optimization and Variational Analysis
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  1. Briceño L, Dinh H. N, Peypouquet J. Existence, stability and optimality for optimal control problems governed by maximal monotone operators. Journal of Differential Equations 2016;260(1):733-757.  [Digital version]  [Bibtex]
  2. Briceño L. Forward-Douglas-Rachford splitting and forward- partial inverse method for solving monotone inclusions. Optimization 2014. [Bibtex]
  3. Briceño L, Combettes P. L. Monotone operator methods for Nash equilibria in non-potential games, in: Computational and Analytical Mathematics, D. Bailey, H. H. Bauschke, P. Borwein, F. Garvan, M. Théra, J. Vanderwerff, and H. Wolkowicz, Eds.,. 2013.  [Digital version]  [Bibtex]
  4. Briceño L. A Douglas-Rachford splitting method for solving equilibrium problems. Nonlinear Anal. 2012;75:6053-6059.  [Digital version]  [Bibtex]
  5. Briceño L, Combettes P. L, Pesquet J. C, Pustelnik N. Proximal algorithms for multicomponent image processing. J. Math. Imaging Vision 2011;41:3-22.  [Digital version]  [Bibtex]
  1. Conicyt REDES: AM2V-MODEMAT network on optimization and control
  2. ECOS C13E03: Dynamical systems and algorithms in nonsmooth and nonconvex optimization problems
  3. FONDECYT 3120054: Coupled equilibria in mixed-networks: modelization, methods, and applications
  4. MathAmSud 13MATH01: Variational Analysis and its applications to optimization, monotone operators, convex analysis, and Nash equilibrium problems
  5. FONDEF D10I 1002: Tecnologia avanzada para ciudades del futuro
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