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Research area     Numerical Analysis of PDE
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  1. Spa C, Hernández E, Anton R. A parallel GPU implementation of an explicit compact FDTD algorithm with a digital impedance filter for room acoustics applications.. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language Processing 2015;23(8):1368-1380. [Bibtex]
  2. Spa C, Hernández E, Caloen S. V. A Finite element approximations of a structural acoustic control problem with a Timoshenko beam interface. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 2015;424:1125-1142. [Bibtex]
  3. Spa C, Hernández E, Pedro R.-L. Numerical Absorbing Boundary Conditions Based on a Damped Wave Equation for Pseudo-Spectral Time-Domain Acoustic Simulations. The Scientific World Journal, 2014;2014(9):285945. [Bibtex]
  4. Escolano J, Spa C, Mateos T, Garriga A. Removal of afterglow effects in 2-D discrete-time room acoustics simulations. Applied Acoustics 2013;74(6):818-822. [Bibtex]
  5. Pozo L. P, Meneses R, Spa C, Durán O. A meshless FPM approximation for solving the RLW equation. Mathematical Problems in Engineering 2012;2012:22. [Bibtex]
  1. FONDECYT 3110046: A Finite Element Methods in the Time-Domain for Room Acoustics Applications
  2. Anillo ACT 1106: Analysis of Control Problems and Applications
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