Alejandro Allendes

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Phone     (56 32) 2654487
Office     F 240 (Casa Central, Valparaiso)
Research area     Numerical Analysis of PDE
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  1. Allendes A, Durán F, Rankin R. Error estimation for low-order adaptive finite element approximations for some fluid flow problems. IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis 2016;36(4):1715-1747. [Bibtex]
  2. Allendes A, Hernández E, Otárola E. A robust numerical method for a control problem of singularly perturbed equations. Computer and Mathematics with Applications. An International Journal 2016;72(4):974-991. [Bibtex]
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  5. Allendes A, Ainsworth M, Barrenechea G, Rankin R. Computable error bounds for nonconforming Fortin-Soulie finite element approximation of the Stokes problem. IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis 2012;32(2):417-447. [Bibtex]
  6. Allendes A, Barrenechea G, Hernández E, Valentin F. A two-level Enriched finite element method for a mixed problem. Mathematics of Computation 2011;80(273):11-41.  [Digital version]  [Bibtex]
  7. Allendes A, Quaas A. Multiplicity results for extremal operators through bifurcation. Discrete Continuous Dynamical Systems 2011;29(1):51-65.  [Digital version]  [Bibtex]
  1. Conicyt REDES: AM2V-MODEMAT network on optimization and control
  2. Fondecyt No. 11121243: Fully computable a posteriori error estimation in finite element analysis
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