About AM2V

The AM2V is a research group based at the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM), one of the leading centers for science and engineering studies in Chile. It gathers young researchers in applied mathematics, especially mathematical engineers. The group aims at training top-level engineers to address interdisciplinary problems; being a regional reference in excellent research in applied mathematics; and building bridges for technological transfer from the academic to the productive sector. Most of our investigators are external-associate researchers in the Center of Mathematical Modeling (CMM) Basal founding.

Teaching: At the undergraduate level, the team members are responsible for most advanced courses in the Mathematical Engineering major (ICM, for Ingeniería Civil Matemática) at UTFSM and supervise most ICM memoires. ICM was created in 1996 and has experienced an important development in the last five years. The number of students and applicants has increased considerably and the areas of specialization have been reinforced. The team also collaborates in the elementary mathematics courses of other engineering majors. At the graduate level, we provide advanced mathematics courses and thesis advisory for several master programs available at UTFSM. Our goal is to help train high-level researchers.

Research: In the last five years the team has produced over 70 publications – most of them appeared in high impact ISI-indexed journals –; been granted with over 25 research projects; and had collaboration with over 30 other researchers in Chile and abroad. Our research areas include:

Technological transfer: The awareness of the need for mathematical modeling tools to support productive activities has increased noticeably in the last few years in Chile. In order to help fulfill this need, the research group has started to work in cooperation with public and private entities, particularly in the fields of Marine resources, Bioprocesses technologies, and Forestry.

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