2nd School on Optimization and Control organized by AM2V


During December 9-19, 2015, this school and workshop will take place at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María in Santiago. This workshop is organized by AM2V and ModeMat (Equator) within the framework of the projects: Anillo ACT 1106 Control Problems, Analysis & Aplications (ACPA), ECOS-CONICYT C13E03: Dynamical systems and algorithms for nonsmooth and nonconvex optimization problems, MathAmsud 15MATH-02: Sparse Optimal Control of Differential Equations: Algorithms and Applications, and CONICYT REDES 140183.

An important aim is gathering latinoamerican students with young researchers in the field of Control and Optimization. Researchers and students from Chile, Peru, Equator, France, Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia will attend this scientific event.

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