AM2V participation in the First Mathematical Congress of the Americas 2013


A numerous group of AM2V members took part of the First Mathematical Congress of the Americas 2013, held in Guanajuato, Mexico, 5h to 9h August.

The goal of the Congress was to highlight the excellence of mathematical achievements in the Americas within the context of the international arena, and foster collaborations among researchers, students, institutions and mathematical societies in the Americas. Approximately one thousand research from all the continent took part of the main event and several satellite activities.

In this framework, the AM2V researchers delivered the following talks:  Eduardo Cerpa (“Boundary Stabilization of the Korteweg-de Vries equation”); Luis Briceño (“Forward-partial inverse-forward method for solving monotone inclusions: application to land-use planning”); Alberto Mercado (“Controllability of Parabolic Systems”); Leonelo Iturriaga (“Existence and multiplicity results for Pucci's operators involving nonlinearities with zeros”); Salomón Alarcon (“Blowing up solutions at the origin in nearly critical problems involving the bi-Laplacian operator”); Adriana Piazza (“The optimal forest harvesting problem under price uncertainty: the risk neutral and the risk averse cases”); and finally Juan Peypouquet (“A dynamical approach to an inertial forward-backward algorithm for convex minimization”), who additionally was part of the organizing committee of the special session "Optimization: Theory, Methods and Applications".

JA slide show